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5 in 1 formulation

Our Overnight Restore Eye Drops are specially formulated with naturally derived ingredients to restore your eyes’ natural moisture levels as you sleep. Containing vital electrolytes that the body needs to stay hydrated, they will leave your eyes feeling completely revitalised and you ready to face the day. Offering 5 in 1 benefits, they:

- Repair

- Protect

- Restore

- Hydrate

- And soothe

… all in one drop.

Fast acting and long-lasting

Our Overnight Restore Eye Drops contain cross-linked hyaluronic acid 0.4%, a naturally-derived ingredient that is renowned for its moisturising and restorative properties. These drops get to work quickly and keep your eyes lubricated for even longer. For a treatment that will provide immediate relief and let you get on with living your life without worrying about frustrating dry eye symptoms, our night eye drops are an ideal choice.

Completely preservative-free

Some dry eye treatments that are meant to relieve sore eyes can have the opposite effect. This is because they contain preservatives that can end up causing irritation. But when you choose TheraTears®, this isn’t a problem. Our eye drops for night time stay sterile without the need for preservatives. This means that they’re both safe and comfortable to use.

  • Wash hands thoroughly;
  • Tear off the tamper-evident seal before first use;
  • Remove the protective cap and open the bottle;
  • Tilt head back, turn the bottle upside down and gently squeeze 2 drops into each eye, unless otherwise prescribed.
  • As the bottle empties, it may be necessary to squeeze the bottle harder due to the properties of the closure system that acts to preserve the sterility and the chemical and physical characteristics of preservative free solutions.
  • After use, close the bottle: the content should be re-used within the next 3 months from the first opening.

The product is for ophthalmic use only.

Store between 2°C and 30°C in a dry place away from heat and direct exposure to sunlight.

With unopened pack, do not exceed the expiry date stated on the box and on the label.

Cross-Linked Sodium Hyaluronate aqueous solution (of which sodium hyaluronate crosspolymer 0.4%), Trometamol Hydrochloric acid 2N, Sodium chloride, W.F.I..

Preservative free.

Who should TheraTears be used for?

TheraTears should be used for the relief of symptoms of dry, tired or irritated eyes

How should I use TheraTears eye drops:

Wash hands thoroughly before use.

Tilt head back and gently squeeze 2 drops into each eye, one or more times as a day or otherwise stated by an healthcare professional.

For Contact lens users apply 2-3 drops on the lens before insertion or into the eye after insertion.  Add onto the lens when fitted as needed.  For use in eyes only.

How often can I use the products?

Apply 1-2 drops into each eye, one or more times a day every few hours or otherwise stated by an healthcare professional.

How long does TheraTears last for once the bottle is opened?

Once opened use within 90 days and do not use after expiry date.

How should I store TheraTears?

It’s recommended to store TheraTears eye drops away from heat sources in a dry place with temperatures between 5 °to 35°.

Once opened use within 90 days and do not use after expiry date.

Can I use Theratears with contact lenses?

Yes, TheraTears eye drops are safe to use with contact lenses apart from TheraTears Overnight Restore where it is not recommended to sleep with contact lenses on.

How to dispose of Theratears after use?

TheraTears packaging is widely recyclable.  Please dispose of the bottle in line with local regulation.

Is Theratears safe for children? From what age can it be used?

TheraTears is safe to use from 3+, however children require adult supervision.

What happens if TheraTears causes eye irritation?

In case of eye irritation, stop using the product and contact a medical professional.

Product Description

If you’ve ever woken up with dry, tired, or irritated eyes, you’ll know how frustrating it can be. It can be difficult to shake off uncomfortable symptoms, such as itchiness, soreness, and grittiness, as you go about your day. You might also experience dry eyes if you struggle to get a good night’s sleep. Research has shown that when people are sleep deprived, they produce fewer tears.

Introducing TheraTears® Dry or Tired Overnight Restore Eye Drops, which have been specially formulated following extensive research to solve the problem of irritated eyes. With this one-stop drop, you can wake up happy and start your day with eyes that feel refreshed, repaired, and restored every day.

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