Preservative-Free Eye Drops For Sensitive Eyes

Dealing with dry, tired, sore or bloodshot eyes can seriously impact your quality of life, and not all eye drops will offer the relief you need. If you have sensitive eyes, you might find it especially difficult to find the right eye drops for you.

This is because many eyecare products contain preservatives to keep them sterile. Over time, your eyes can become sensitive to the preservative in your dry eye drops, meaning that rather than having a soothing effect, the product causes further irritation.

Fortunately, TheraTears® offers a solution to this problem. Our product range includes a selection of preservative-free eye drops for sensitive eyes. Our innovative drops stay sterile without the need for preservatives, meaning you can enjoy lasting relief from dry eyes.

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Our preservative-free 5 in 1 eye drops are designed to rehydrate and revitalise even the most tired, sore eyes, reducing pain, vision impairment and redness.

 If you suffer from irritated eyes during the night, try our Dry or Tired Overnight Restore Eye Drops. Containing cross-linked hyaluronic acid 0.4%, these drops are more viscous than other formulations, keeping your eyes lubricated throughout the night. These long-lasting drops are designed to hydrate, restore and relieve tired eyes so that you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start the day.

 We also offer preservative-free Dry or Tired 50+ Eye Drops. Created especially for mature eyes, these drops contain cross-linked hyaluronic acid 0.3%, meaning they deliver lasting relief from dryness and irritation. They also feature chamomile and mallow, ingredients known for their refreshing and calming properties.

All the products in our range are suitable for both short and long-term use, and they are contact lens friendly. So, if you have previously struggled to find eyecare products that give you the lasting relief you need, it’s time to try TheraTears® preservative-free drops.

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