How to relax your eyes before bed

If you’re looking to put together a night-time routine to help take care of your eyes and sight, you’ve come to the right place. Below, we explore five ways to relax your eyes before bed, from eye drop treatments to habits to adopt. Keep reading to learn more… Can you use eye drops before bed? […]

What is eye strain?

Have you ever found yourself struggling to concentrate on what you’re doing because of discomfort in your eyes? Do you get headaches if you spend too much time looking at the same thing? Do you frequently experience dry eyes? All these can be signs that you have a condition called eye strain.[1] But what exactly […]

What does hyaluronic acid do?

If you’ve ever noticed hyaluronic acid listed as an ingredient in a serum, eye drops or cosmetic cream, for example, you might have wondered what exactly it is and what benefits it offers. Although putting an acid near your eyes or skin might seem dangerous, hyaluronic acid is actually very safe, and it can be […]